Dr. Negrette currently accepts the following insurances:   Anthem, Aetna, WEA and Trilogy.  Kelly Theodore, APNP and Kate Meine DNP, PMHNP accept AnthemBCBS & WEA. Dr. Negrette, Kelly Theodore and Kate Meine are not Medicare/Medicaid participants. Both Dr. Negrette, Kelly Theodore and Kate Meine accept self-pay clients.

All payments (self pay and co-pays) are due at the beginning of appointment.  Payments via debit/credit card are preferred.  Checks and cash payments will be accepted with prior notice as Tulaya Wellness does NOT maintain cash on premises.

If a client has an outstanding balance, balance may be asked to be paid in full prior to the next visit.


Please call or e-mail for information regarding fees for private pay services.  Further fee information can be found at each providers link to Luminello under contact information, or by clicking these links: